Meet Our CellMate: Amber Bullard

Amber Bullard is a determined individual whose journey from a small-town upbringing to a career in the United States Air Force showcases resilience and adaptability.

Growing up in a close-knit community and graduating with just 26 peers, Amber was influenced by a blue-collar ethos shaped by farmers and entrepreneurs. Despite considering Kansas State University, she took a different path spurred by her mother’s offer of a car in exchange for chatting with an Air Force recruiter. What started as a practical decision turned into a lifelong commitment.

Enlisting in the Air Force despite her doubts, Amber quickly adopted a “lifer” mentality. She discovered her true passion within the Air Force, drawn to its unwavering focus on teamwork and mission-driven goals. Drawing from her strong work ethic learned on the family farm, she thrived in the competitive environment.

Throughout her Air Force career, she excelled in diverse roles, from aircraft maintenance to intelligence, cherishing the camaraderie of deployments. During an Air Force reorganization that threatened her job, Amber and her husband took charge by volunteering to become recruiters. This proactive move highlighted her dedication to service and her openness to new challenges.

Balancing military duties with personal milestones like marriage and motherhood, Amber exemplified steadfast dedication to both family and country.

Transitioning from enlisted to officer ranks brought uncertainty, but Amber found purpose in Fusion Cell, channeling her teamwork and problem-solving skills into business development. Despite initial hesitations, she embraced the challenge, leveraging her experience to drive success.

Today, as a Business Development Manager for Government Services, Amber brings tactical acumen and moral leadership to her role. She remains a constant presence, always ready to support and innovate. In Amber, small-town values and military discipline unite, shaping her into a leader poised to leave a lasting impact.