Covid Connect

Make educated decisions, and communicate clearly to your stakeholders.

Get exclusive Covid-19 updates and analysis from our military epidemiologists and public health experts delivered directly to your inbox.

Cut Through the Noise

Schools have the impossible task of balancing student safety, parent requests, what the school task force wants, and what the Board of Directors want. In addition, recommendations from various agencies change rapidly. Covid Connect from Fusion Cell can help you navigate all the recommendations and guidance and apply a science backed lens to help you make the right decisions for your school.

Our Experience

Fusion Cell has been working with schools across the country in their planning and response to Covid-19. We have helped schools open, stay open, revise protocols, and discuss changes with staff and families.

We leverage the experience and expertise of military public health experts to navigate all pandemic challenges. Our staff holds multiple board-certifications in epidemiology, preventive medicine, industrial hygiene, hospital infection control, HR, and communication, with decades of experience.

On-demand Covid-19 Task Force

Now you can also get direct access to military public health professionals and make them an extension of your own team with our On-Demand Covid Task Force.