On-Demand Webinar

Airport Strategies for Operating in a COVID Climate and Beyond

Case Study Presentation at NEC/AAAE Airport Recovery Summit

Fusion Cell’s board-certified public health experts discuss the COVID health and safety plans developed for Manchester Boston Regional Airport (MHT) and the results that they were able to achieve. MHT’s plans helped them reduce COVID risks for passengers, crews, tenants, and staff. Representatives from Honeywell and US Eco Products Corp. will also review solutions, including air filters and cleaning products, that are proven to reduce transmission risk.  

You will learn:

  • The evaluation and planning approach that MHT used to address COVID health and safety 
  • The science and challenges of dealing with COVID-19
  • The “COVID Big 6” – The most important areas that MHT that addressed to reduce the risk of COVID-19
  • HVAC, sanitation, hand hygiene, monitoring, and other solutions that can make the airport environment safer 


Matt Morrissey
Chief Operating Officer
Fusion Cell

Mike Klingshirn, MPH, CPH, PMP
Director of Consulting Services
Fusion Cell

Debra Becker
Airports Market Leader

Doreen Blades
Founder and President
US Eco Products, Corp.


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