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Bringing Top Military Talent to Corporate America

As a staffing firm, our mission is to help companies find top talent with real experience and help military veterans transition into great civilian careers. Our approach is personal and customized. We help companies find experienced talent to fill pivotal roles, and we match each military veteran’s unique skills to civilian jobs where they can excel.

Top talent to fit any industry

US Military veterans bring a long list of highly-desirable skills and characteristics to any workplace, including: work ethic, integrity, attention to detail, grit, teamwork, commitment, leadership, analytical thinking / problem-solving, communication, and project management.

They also bring years of specialized training in over 7,000 different military occupations (MOS, AFSCs, NECs) with over 80% having direct correspondence to civilian jobs.

Fusion Cell’s network of qualified transitioning veterans can help organizations in any industry, including High Tech, Financial and Professional Services, Communications, Utilities, Transportation, Retail, Healthcare and Manufacturing. We can help you find people with the talent you need and the ability to immediately impact your organization. We can introduce you to:

  • Cybersecurity/Intelligence/IT Analysts
  • Engineers (e.g., Software, Electronics, Civil)
  • Technicians (e.g., Electronic, Communications)
  • Operations & Logistics Analysts (e.g., Transportation, Supply Chain, Contracting)
  • Professional Services Talent (e.g., Finance, Legal, HR)
  • Healthcare Talent (e.g., Nurses, Dentists, Mental Health Counselors, Public Health Experts)
  • Public Safety Talent (e.g., Fire Fighter, EMT, Security, Police)
  • Business Leaders (e.g., General Management, Sales, Customer Service)
  • Subject Matter Experts for Defense Contractors (e.g., direct experience to drive key projects across Electronics, Platforms, Space, Intelligence, Soldier and Munitions divisions)
"A man who is good enough to shed his blood for the country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards."

Theodore roosevelt


Fusion Cell can help you tap into the veteran talent pool because we have: 

  • 100+ years of DoD/military experience
  • 60+ years of staffing experience
  • Deep and lasting relationships with vetted candidates
  • Proprietary technology and processes for finding and vetting candidates

Advantages for  Employers

Better Employee-Role-Employer Matches

Stronger Candidates

Higher Retention

An Engagement Model to Suit Your Needs

Fusion Cell works can help you find the talent you need for your business with:

  • Permanent Placement Services
  • Temporary Staff/Staff Augmentation Services
In addition, Fusion Cell offers specialty services where we can deliver results, not just people, for your business.  Fusion Cell offers the following services:

Emergency Management Services

  • Virus/Pandemic Risk Mitigation – COVID-19 health and safety planning for schools and businesses
  • Cybersecurity – Design, deploy, and manage cybersecurity defenses
  • Physical Security – Maintain physical security on your campus

Veteran Relations

  • Organizational Veteran Readiness
    Upgrade your diversity and inclusion programs to attract, retain and develop veterans
  • Internships with the Department of Defense – Tap into the DoD’s SkillBridge program to secure interns free for 180 days

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