COVID-19 Consulting For Events

Keep your guests and
staff safe

Host safe in-person events during the COVID-19 pandemic

Fusion Cell’s experienced team of public health professionals can help you plan and host in-person events that maintain the health and safety of your staff and your guests. 

Our Big 6 for Covid Intervention is always the foundation of our work, and we will help you with checkpoints, guest flow, spacing, masking, testing strategy, and vaccine requirements, among other things.   

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines & Protocols for Events

Our public health consultants have decades of experience managing pandemics and disease outbreaks for the US Military. We will work with you to define the appropriate guidelines and protocols for your event, including health screening, testing strategy, and considerations for distancing and masking. 

On-site Event Support

Execution of the plans and guidelines is a critical next step. Our experienced team is available to be on-site to help your attendees feel comfortable, answer any questions, and to make sure the guidelines and protocols are implemented and followed correctly. 

COVID-19 Education and Training

Looking to build internal expertise? Our team of experts will meet with your staff to educate them on the important elements of COVID-19 prevention strategies and train them on how to maintain health and safety during an in-person event.

about Fusion cell

 The Fusion Cell COVID-19 Public Health Consulting team is comprised of current and former military members that have decades of training and experience providing leaders with operational solutions that minimize risk while meeting the needs of the organization. These medical professionals have operated at the highest levels, from implementing prevention strategies across the Middle East to running all the testing for the Department of Defense. Our board-certified Preventative Medicine and Occupational Health Physicians, Epidemiologists, Industrial Hygienists, Clinical Laboratory Managers, and Communications Specialists have helped Health Departments, international airports, hotels, offices, and schools navigate the ever-changing challenges of pandemic prevention. 

If you are ready to get your people back to work and focused on their jobs, then join the growing army of organizations already leveraging our consulting services.

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