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COVID-19: HR Essentials for Independent Schools

AISNE 2020 Leadership Retreat

Human resources can be challenging under normal circumstances. COVID-19 has introduced
new complexities for managing faculty and staff in K-12 schools. In this webinar, Fusion Cell’s experts in public health and HR policies will discuss the current COVID-19 guidance related to HR and how to manage a safe environment for employees that does not create “Undue Hardships” for your school.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to manage changes for employees providing both traditional classes and remote learning.
  • Navigating COVID-19 remote work policies that avoid “Undue Hardships” on your school.
  • Documenting workplace safety measures taken to reduce the risk of COVID-19 on campus. 

About Fusion Cell

Fusion Cell offers COVID-19 readiness assessments and policy implementations provided by the
nation’s top veteran public health experts: military specialists with credentials that include
occupational and environmental health certifications, expertise in OSHA and HHS compliance,
health protection policy, infectious disease control, and pandemic



Matt Morrissey
Chief Operating Officer
Fusion Cell
Mike Klingshirn, MPH, CPH, PMP
Director of Consulting Services
Fusion Cell

Scott McKenzie
Senior Strategic Advisor
Fusion Cell

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