On-Demand Covid-19 Task Force

Administrators, staff, parents, physicians, and other health care professionals proved incredibly helpful in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we move forward, however, the situation calls for a targeted, focused, and sometimes surgical response to the challenges of COVID-19.

Our military trained experts will help you navigate new developments and changing recommendations. Make the right decisions for your school and communicate with confidence. 

Our Experts

Fusion Cell has built a Task Force made up of some of the world’s finest public health experts, including epidemiologists, industrial hygienists, physicians, and emergency management specialists. These folks have years of experience in infection control and disease containment planning at United States military installations all over the world. 

Now, they are ready to work with you, as you need them.  Our team of military trained experts will become your Task Force. 

What you get

  • Priority access to a dedicated On-Demand team of experts
  • Answers to your questions within minutes or hours
  • Multiple ways for your team to interact with our experts
  • Experience and insights from our work with schools across the country and in Puerto Rico

How It Works

  1. Introductory call to assess your situation and build your profile
  2. Onboarding to technology and systems to facilitate interactions
  3. We get to work!

How Clients Use Our Task Force

  • Policy changes
  • Compliance
  • HR Policies
  • Events & risk reduction
  • Stakeholder communication

Our Consulting Services

Need help developing a comprehensive operating plan, pandemic annex, emergency management plan, or a communications plan? Our team can help you create a COVID-safe environment for faculty, staff, and students.